Powertrain Dynamics
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Welcome to Powertrain Dynamics!

Powertrain Dynamics is Southern California’s premiere performance automotive tuning shop. If you’re looking to increase and optimize the performance of your car then look no further. Powertrain Dynamics specializes in:

  • Recalibration of OEM and aftermarket fuel injection
  • Carburetor jetting and synchronization 
  • Increasing horsepower
  • Resolving drivability problems
  • Improving mileage and emissions
  • Balancing optimum performance with engine longevity

Powertrain Dynamics has tuned Ford, GM, and import applications since 1995. We utilize the finest software such as, but not limited to, Diablosport, LS1/LT1 Edit,  and Tunercat, to tune your Ford, GM and Dodge application.

Powertrain Dynamics also tunes aftermarket fuel injection systems. We tune Motec, AEM, Accel DFI, Edelbrock, Haltech, Holley, MegaSquirt, and more!
For more information about our services or to schedule an appointment, please contact us.



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